TransUnion, Equifax, Experian on the Collection Companies Lied to You

TransUnion, Equifax and Experian Lied to You!!!

During these VERY TOUGH real estate and mortgage times – what’s the only PROVEN WAY that will genuinely help you improve your credit scores – and help you fix your bad credit?

The answer is: You must FIX your bad credit and rebuild your credit reports the CORRECT WAY. If you can legitimately fix your credit – then YOU can buy a house in 30 days to 6 months from now – right? Since most Realtors know very little about GENUINE credit repair, let a true credit expert share with you what it “really takes” to fix credit legitimately…

As a top Denver Realtor and owner of Mortgage Specialists, I’ve personally closed nearly $100 million in real estate and mortgage business since 1998, since earning my Bachelor of Science at The Ohio State University and my MBA. My professional mortgage experience helped me become a true Credit Repair expert, and I’ve helped thousands of people nationwide to repair their credit to get mortgage financing. You can read much more detailed information on my Credit Repair System here, but let’s cover the basics so you can fully understand how you can increase your credit scores by 25-100+ points or more – and ultimately buy a homes this year – as statistics show that 26.7% of all buyers have credit report issues STOPPING them from buying. The 3 primary reasons buyers have credit below 620 is because they:

o Don’t pay their bills

o Had a period of time they (or their spouse) was unemployed or had a medical situation

o Don’t know how to positively “manipulate” their Equifax, Experian and TransUnion scores

The people who don’t pay their bills will take enough responsibility to stop renting and work to repair their credit. The other two categories we can help! You’ve just never had anyone guarantee that you could get help to fix your credit once-and-for-all, so that YOU could actually buy a house and stop renting forever. Now you can…

First of all – you have TWO GIANT PROBLEMS to deal with when attempting to fix your credit reports.

1) You MUST clear up and fix old collections and derogatory items in order to boost your credit scores,

2) You ABSOLUTELY MUST have a strategic plan to implement TransUnion, Equifax and Experian’s internal methods and ranking formulations which radically raise (and lower) your credit scores on a monthly basis.

Nearly ALL credit repair companies and attorney’s on Google, Yahoo, MSN and those listed in your local Yellow Pages charge you a fee to fix problem #1 above (which any person can learn and do if they spent an hour reading about credit repair online – which I’ll show you below!)

But Here’s The REAL Problem…

If you ONLY try and fix Problem #1 above – like 98% of ALL American’s mistakenly do – then most likely then, you WILL NOT qualify for a mortgage loan after paying $1,000 to $1,800 at these negligent credit repair companies. You absolutely must understand this – and that you have to “kill the beast” that caused your bad credit AND – yes AND, you must take a new proactive, immediate plan to get your scores to radically increase in the next few months. If you just do #1, then your scores WILL NOT go up that much at all…

You MUST FIX BOTH Problem #1 and Problem #2 in order to radically INCREASE your credit scores!!! Am I totally clear with you on that point? Here’s why you must fix both problems…

Most credit repair companies WON’T TELL you this when you sign-up to use their credit repair services! Why don’t they do that? After all, that’s why 99% of individuals do credit repair in the first place; to be able to qualify to BUY or REFINANCE their house or a car!

The answer is simple…most credit repair companies DO NOT have a vested interest in your ability to get a mortgage or car loan! A vested interest means that they would be working 100% on your side to help you do whatever it takes to get a mortgage loan or car loan for the $1,000 to $1,800. Guess what? They are NOT in the mortgage business. They are in the credit repair business and SHOCKINGLY – they will NOT do what it takes to get you a mortgage or car loan if you’d mistakenly hire them.

“PLEASE” Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Opportunity to Get a Mortgage Loan!

As a matter of fact, nearly 95% of these bad credit repair services tell you HORRIBLY INACCURATE information that will cause the majority of you to get “disqualified” for mortgage loan instead – just the opposite of what you really want!!! I couldn’t print that statement if it was false or they’d all sue me for liable. But guess what, I’ve been doing expert credit repair for my mortgage clients since 1998 and we genuinely help our clients GET mortgage loans after we do HONEST credit repair for them!

Let me give you a quick idea on how I just helped the Harris’s in Houston Texas, as they had been declined by 4 other lenders until I got the phone call. They had a 658 mid-fico (a good score) when I started with them February 8, but their credit score and debt-to-income ratio was too high to qualify for the $280,000 home they wanted. I had them liquidate a 401(k) and pay down (not off!) 5 of their high balance credit cards to my ‘magical formula’ percentage instead, plus pay an old outstanding $198 medical collection that was about a year old. Now, they have a 699 mid-fico when I just re-pulled their credit reports on March 31. Coincidentally, their monthly minimum credit card payments DROPPED significantly too – and NOW the Harris’s DO QUALIFY for a 30-Year Fixed rate conventional loan at 5.875% at my company. This is what I do for a living…and why I do so much mortgage business (and real estate business in Denver.)

You see, I can look at anyone’s Tri-Merged Credit Reports and in 2 minutes tell you how many points I can INCREASE their scores by doing pro-active credit repair – and I can give you an accurate estimation on how many months (or years) it will take them to qualify for a good FHA or other loan. I’m so confident about my credit repair abilities that I’m the only guaranteed Credit Repair Program in the USA that pays your buyers DOUBLE their money back if I can’t help them improve their credit scores by 25-100+ points AND get them a good mortgage loan. I DON’T DO the stupid credit repair scams that dispute “real collections and charge-off’s” …as that never fixes anything! I genuinely show buyers how the can legitimately “manipulate” their credit reports by paying down credit cards to below 50%, adding car loans to get new credit after 6 months, getting 2 secured credit cards and other ‘secret’ stuff that works – but takes time!

Typically, I can help many people become buyers in 3, 6 or 9 months of doing REAL credit repair. And since 26.7% of all potential buyers in the United States need credit repair help – you might as well work with a partner who genuinely wants to help YOU to sell them a house and earn your real estate commissions. With my personal PROVEN Credit Repair Strategy and Credit Score Improvement System – and my 9 year track record of high success – I’ll genuinely help or your agents sell more houses. You and your clients are given a written Credit Analysis once I pull their credit and determine “what” it will take and how long it will take me to help them achieve a home loan.

So, if you’re interested in selling MORE homes during these tough real estate and mortgage times – then email me or read more about Credit Repair Help here.